MIT Child Care Centers

Quality early childhood programs have been a feature of campus life since the 1950s. Building on this tradition, MIT has strengthened and expanded its child care services dramatically in recent years.

Spearheaded by Center manager Kathy Luneau Simons, developments include the design and construction of the upcoming 219 Vassar child care center; the state-of-the-art Stata Center facility and playground; the renovation of earlier campus centers; the piloting of a child care cooperative at Westgate; the design of an expansive natural playground at MIT's Lexington center; a partnership with Bright Horizons to manage all MIT childcare centers under the name Technology Childcare Centers; and the creation of MIT Child Care Scholarship Programs, providing limited assistance to eligible MIT employees, postdoctoral associates, and postdoctoral fellows who are using MIT child care centers.

MIT child care centers are administered through the MIT Work-Life Center.  For further information regarding child care at MIT, email, call 617.253.1592, or visit the Technology Childcare Centers website.

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