Leader to Leader (L2L) is a unique leadership development program for leaders from the MIT community. L2L Fellows partner with senior leaders and MIT faculty in a proactive and systematic effort to build distributed world-class leadership throughout MIT.

Underlying Leader to Leader is the belief that leadership development is a shared responsibility, a partnership between the Institute and the L2L Fellows. Thus leadership skills are developed within the context of MIT's culture and aligned to the strategic needs of the Institute.

L2L is a nationally recognized best-practice leadership development program. A number of universities now model similar programs after MIT's.

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Why Does MIT Sponsor L2L?

  • Insure the stewardship of MIT, its mission and values
  • Foster distributed world-class leadership throughout MIT
  • Cultivate leaders who seize change as opportunity to advance MIT's role in the world
  • Equip leaders to shape MIT's culture of development and inclusion

L2L Learning Objectives

Upon completing L2L, L2L Fellows are able to:

  • Describe and act upon their role insuring the stewardship of MIT, its mission and values
  • Think and act creatively, flexibly and strategically as leaders
  • Anticipate and manage change efforts successfully at MIT
  • Leverage strong relationships with others across the Institute
  • Nurture a culture of development and inclusion at MIT

Who Should Apply to L2L?

L2L is intended for people at MIT who have formal or informal responsibilities for leading organizations and/or change initiatives. Applicants typically:

  • Have experience leading people to bring about change
  • Are currently in a role at MIT that involves leading change
  • Are open to feedback, reflection, and the hard work involved in participating fully in all aspects of L2L
  • Have the support of the leader(s) in their organization for their leadership development

For individuals who want to improve their effectiveness as a supervisor or manager of individuals, we encourage you to consider HR's management development programs. See Essentials of Managing and Managing for Excellence.

How L2L Works

L2L is a 12-month program, offering both a theoretical leadership framework and hands-on leadership experiences. Working with current senior MIT leaders and faculty, L2L Fellows build skills through conversations, workshops, projects and presentations.

The program includes state-of-the-art developmental concepts:

  • workshops
  • multi-rater assessments
  • individual development plans
  • executive coaching
  • strategic projects

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