MIT's E-Verify Process

MIT's E-Verify Process

E-Verify is a compliance requirement for all employees or student workers assigned to perform work on a federal contract which includes a FAR clause.

How E-Verify Works

E-Verify requires that information from an employee's or student worker's I-9 form be compared on-line with data from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility. The E-Verify process must be completed within 30 business days of the date an employee or student worker is assigned to the contract.

The Atlas Service Center will monitor employees and student workers assigned to both newly established contracts and existing contracts which include FAR 52.222-54 and 22.1803 clauses. We will work to complete the E-Verify process based on available information. If there is an I-9 form on file in the HR/Payroll document imaging system with current, unexpired work authorizations (e.g., passport, EAD card or I94 forms) we will use these documents to E-Verify the person.

When You May be Contacted

The Atlas Service Center will only contact you and the employee or student worker for the following:

  • Missing Social Security numbers (required in the E-Verify system)
  • Expired documents
  • Different work authorization documents from what is requested by the system

If additional information is necessary, employees and student workers should provide it to the Atlas Service Center.

In rare circumstances, E-Verify may result in the receipt of a Tentative Non-Compliance (TNC) report. We will provide information on what that means and what to do in that instance in the future.

Need Help?

Please contact the Atlas Service Center.