Thinking about Retiring?

Thinking about Retiring?

Are you retired? Getting ready to retire? We've prepared a checklist especially for you, and organized essential information on medical benefits, retirement plan income, and other resources that support MIT retirees.

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Print Our Checklist

We've developed a Retirement Checklist, available as a PDF you can review online or print out. It helps you organize your plans from 6 months prior to your desired retirement date, through your retirement, and includes information about continuing coverage after your retirement.

What Else You Should Know

In addition to the benefits described on this site, retirees continue to have access to benefits like the Children's Scholarship Plan, Long-Term Care Insurance, and the Home and Auto Insurance Discount.

Childrens' Scholarship Plan

Your dependent children will continue to be eligible for the same tuition privileges under the Children's Scholarship Program after you retire. The amount of tuition your child can receive, however, is subject to the maximum limits in effect at the time your child is attending school. Additional factors that may affect eligibility include your employment status, when you were hired, and where your child attends school. Learn more.

Long-Term Care

Find information on Long-Term Care Insurance.

Auto and Home Insurance

You may continue your home and auto insurance. Because you are no longer receiving a salary, there is no account from which to deduct your premium payments. This automatic payroll deduction allowed you to save an additional 5%. We cannot deduct it from your pension check. To maintain your additional 5% savings, you must arrange with MetLife to have premium taken directly from your account via an electronic fund transfer (EFT). To arrange your EFT please call MetLife directly at 800-331-1833.

To inquire about a new policy please call 508-481-8500.