Dependents and Your Benefits

Dependents and Your Benefits

New Paid Parental Benefit

Effective April 7, 2015, MIT will provide up to 5 days of Paid Parental Leave to eligible mothers and fathers within 4 months after the birth of a child, adoption of a child under 18 (under 23 if the child has mental or physical disabilities), or placement of a foster child (under 23 if the child has mental or physical disabilities).

When you experience a change in your life — or in the life of your family — that has an impact on your dependent's need or eligibility for benefits, you may be able to modify your benefits outside the annual Open Enrollment period.

Documenting Dependents

The Institute requires all MIT faculty and staff to document dependents' eligibility for health care benefits. Learn more about this requirement.

Birth and Adoption

Change in Medicaid or SCHIP Eligibility

Discover how a change in your eligibility for Medicaid or SCHIP affects your benefits.

Change in a Dependent's Eligibility

Find out MIT's policy regarding coverage for dependent children.

Child Care & Adult Care

Arranging for the care of children and aging or disabled family members can be challenging. MIT offers a number of resources to help members of the community cope with the expense and logistics of caring for family.

MIT Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

A Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allow eligible employees to set aside funds — before taxes — for caretaking expenses.

Learn more about the Dependent Care FSA.

MIT Technology Childcare Centers

MIT offers four childcare centers in Cambridge and Lexington so that members of the MIT community can choose the center that is most convenient to home or work.

Learn more about the Technology Childcare Centers.

MIT Childcare Scholarship Programs

The Institute offers scholarship programs for eligible families with children enrolled in MIT's childcare centers in Cambridge and Lexington.

Learn more about the MIT childcare scholarship programs.

Backup Childcare & Adultcare Program

All MIT benefits-eligible employees can arrange for care at home through Parents in a Pinch, Inc., which offers assistance in caring for children, family members, or you.

Learn more about backup childcare and adultcare.