What Is Performance Development?

Performance Development (PD) = Performance Management + Employee Development

Performance development is a broad term that includes performance management and employee development. It describes both managing/assessing the work that needs to be done and providing opportunities for professional growth and development.

The Vision for Performance Development at MIT

MIT is widely known as an employer deeply committed to the growth and success of every employee. At MIT, honest communication and feedback between managers and employees are everyday events, an integral facet of MIT's excellence. MIT is seen as a world-class workplace.

The graphic below illustrates the five components of Performance Development. For information, tools, and resources for each of these components, click the corresponding tab at the left side of the page.  

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What do we mean by "Baseline" and "Best" Practices?

Start with Baseline

Each activity also has two levels of completion: Baseline and Best Practices. Baseline practices are just that—baseline. They represent a minimum standard for each manager and each department. Most Baseline practices can be implemented by an individual manager with direct reports.

We encourage managers to review the Baseline Practices in each of the five performance development components and assess your own current practices. You may already be doing some or all of these activities. If so—great work!

Move toward Best Practices

After this assessment, your next step could be to set a milestone for improvement. Which new activities might you add to move closer to Best Practices in any area? We suggest implementing only one or two new activities at a time. For ideas or assistance, contact your Human Resources Officer .

Differences between Baseline and Best Practices

The differences between Baseline and Best Practices vary. Sometimes Best Practices represent a more frequent or more detailed version of the activity shown on the Baseline list. Sometimes Best Practices represent a higher level of skills in an activity. In some cases Best Practices can only be fully implemented with the commitment and involvement of departmental leadership.

Download a PDF of all Baselines and Best Practices.
Learn more about the Performance Development Improvement Process.

For More Information

The Performance Development Improvement Process is facilitated and supported by the department's Human Resources Officer (HRO) and/or Organization Development Consultant (ODC) (oed-request@mit.edu)