• About the Center

About the Center

The MIT Work-Life Center offers a range of direct services and spearheads projects that enhance the quality of life for the MIT community. Services such as consultations and referrals are available at no cost to MIT students, staff, and faculty, as well as to their partners and families.

While the Center delivers important services to individuals, we also focus on the high-level systems and infrastructures that affect the quality of life at MIT, promote best practices in national and international work-life forums, and assist in the development of new policies and services. The Center operates within the Institute's Human Resources Department.

Some of the Center's projects and achievements include:

  • Launching MIT MyLife Services, a free, confidential MIT benefit that provides MIT faculty, staff, postdocs—and families—24/7 access to a network of experts who are available to help with life concerns.
  • Overseeing MIT's child care initiative, including the development of the new Lincoln Laboratory Childcare Center at 5 Forbes Road.
  • Founding two national organizations: the College and University Work/Family Association and the National Parenting Education Network.
  • Achieving recognition as a national model by professional organizations and conferences.
  • Analyzing and disseminating key research knowledge on the care of teens and young adults.