• Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training

Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training for MIT Faculty & Staff

Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training for MIT Faculty & Staff

MIT is committed to creating a healthy and vibrant campus community, one aspect of which is to confront the important topics of sexual assault, harassment, and relationship violence. The Committee on Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response (CSMPR) has recommended that all MIT faculty and staff complete an online sexual misconduct prevention training.


In November 2017, President Reif wrote to the MIT community to call attention to the issue of sexual misconduct at MIT. His message outlined a number of steps the Institute is taking to strengthen policies, improve resources, and raise awareness to promote health, safety, and mutual respect in our community. He also noted that, by the end of the academic year, all faculty and staff will be expected to complete an online training to understand what constitutes sexual misconduct, how to intervene against it, and how to respond effectively to someone affected by it. All incoming students and staff are already required to complete this program. 

MIT has partnered with EverFi to offer Haven for Faculty and Staff, an online, research-based educational program that includes examples and scenarios that faculty and staff may face around sexual assault, domestic violence, and sexual harassment. Through this training, you will also become familiar with existing MIT policies and resources.

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