MITemps FAQs

Find frequently asked questions and answers about the MITemps program below.

  1. Who is nextSource?
    nextSource is a subsidiary of Formula Systems LTD. The company designs, develops and implements web-based, high quality, innovative Human Capital Management Solutions and provides third party payrolling programs.
  2. Will I still have the opportunity to select the MITemp?
    Yes, you will still be able to make the hiring selection, but you will need to refer the individual to nextSource in order to get him/her on their payroll. The process will be as follows: Once you complete a MITemps Request form, which will ask for a title, an hourly rate, an assignment start date and end date, as well as department information, the nextSource Representative will set up a meeting with the MITemp.
  3. What is the application process?
    In order to become a nextSource employee, the individual will be asked to complete a nextSource employment application, the I-9, tax, and direct deposit forms, and be trained in the use of TAMS (their electronic timesheet system). I-9 documentation must be presented prior to the start date. After completion of the orientation process, the individual will be a nextSource employee and receive future paychecks directly from nextSource.
  4. How do I hire a new MITemp who has never worked at MIT before?
    Use our MITemps Request form. The completed form will automatically be sent to, which will then elicit a phone call from the nextSource representative to the hiring mananger and the MITemp to begin the application process.
  5. What are the benefits of working for nextSource?
    nextSource offers dental and two medical plans, one limited medical plan and another more comprehensive plan with a prescription drug plan for individuals who work a minimum of 35 hours per week. For those who work a minimum of 35 hours per week, they may also participate in a 401(k) plan. Long- and short-term disability insurances are offered as well.
  6. How do I determine the correct rate of pay for a MITemp?
    The hiring manager and the nextSource representative should work together in determining the hourly rate. The hiring manager should begin by reviewing the work that is being performed and identifying a title that matches the work or, perhaps, a title that is appropriate based on community practice. The hiring manager should also take into consideration the individual's work experience and education in addition to any market conditions that might influence this work; e.g. a limited number of people with a particular skill, or a high demand for that skill set. If an hourly rate has already been in use and is appropriate, then the same rate will be paid by nextSource.
  7. What is the cost of hiring a MITemp?
    The cost includes the hourly rate plus the processing fee which are charged to GL account 42061.
  8. Who makes the decision if an employee should be a nextSource or MIT employee?
    Use Types of Non-Academic Appointments to help you with your decision-making process. You must choose one of the categories listed there in order for the hiring process to begin.
  9. Will there be hourly and salaried nextSource employees?
    No. There will only be an hourly payroll. For employees currently on voucher who are performing exempt work, their salary will need to be converted from either a project rate or a monthly amount to an hourly rate.
  10. Can students be paid as MITemps?
    If the individual is either registered or eligible to be registered as an MIT student, he/she must be paid on the MIT Student Payroll system. If he/she is not an MIT student but part of a prescribed program of study;e.g. coop program, teen worker program, paid internship or visiting student (not international) they will be paid as a term employee using the non-MIT student worker job/position code HR-01ST01. Students hired for summer employment or vacation coverage throughout the year should be paid as MITemps.
  11. How do I pay Visiting Students?
    International Visiting Students will be paid on the MIT payroll system as term employees. The job/position code is HR-01ST02. The International Visiting Student will need to fill out an MIT application, I-9 with appropriate visa and tax form, and have a position number assigned to them. Visiting Students who are not International will be paid as non-MIT student workers using job/position code HR-01ST01.
  12. Whom should I contact for more information?
    For more information, contact Linda Azzalina, our nextSource Staffing Representative. Linda can be reached at 617-324-0191 or An office has been set up in NE49-5000 for one-on-one meetings.