Infinite Mile Award

These awards are intended to support the objectives and strategic goals of each organizational area within the Institute. They are given to teams and individuals for significant accomplishments in their departments, labs, or centers or in other DLCs with which they collaborate. Criteria for receiving the awards are determined locally and are frequently grouped into different award categories.

Nominating Someone in Your Area for an Infinite Mile Award

Look for the R & R website for your organizational area by going to the Find Your Local Program tab and clicking on the appropriate link. There you will find a description of the Infinite Mile program, the award categories available, and your area's nomination form.

If your area does not have a web site, you can email the key contact listed for your unit and he/she will provide you with the program guidelines and a copy of the nomination form.

Each area has designed a unique program which suits its culture and strategic goals. Typically, Infinite Mile Awards come in the form of cash (subject to payroll taxes) and/or a social event or outing. They may also be tangible gifts such as plaques, gift certificates, or cultural or sports event tickets.

Nominating Someone Outside of Your Area for an Infinite Mile Award

Many areas use their own Infinite Mile program to acknowledge the contributions of colleagues outside their organizational area. This is especially appropriate for cross-functional collaborations or when consistent, high-quality support is provided to an area by someone(s) outside that area. To find out about nominating someone in another school or department for an Infinite Mile Award, contact your local Key Contact.

Another possibility for nominating someone(s) outside your area for an Infinite Mile Award is to go through the program in the area where that individual or team works. Locate that individual's or team's DLC on the Find Your Local Program tab and click on the link to that area's R & R web site. There you will find a description of the program and the process for submitting a nomination. If your nominee's area does not have a web site, email their key contact who will provide you with a nomination form and an explanation of the process.

Who has received an Infinite Mile Award?

Many areas have published the recipients' names with brief comments about their achievements on their Rewards and Recognition web site. Click to see a listing of available area web sites.