Appreciation Award

Appreciation Awards (aka "on-the-spot" or "spot" awards) are delivered at the time of achievement. These acknowledgments should be relatively small and can be given to individuals, teams, or work groups.

They may come in the form of thank-you notes, candy, flowers, lunches, group events or outings, movie tickets, etc. As with all awards, they should be tied to a specific message of recognition for a concrete or measurable goal, achievement, or contribution. These awards should not exceed a value of $100 per individual per year.  

The types of contributions that might be recognized through appreciation awards are:

  • staying late to help someone prepare a presentation for the next day
  • volunteering to cover for a co-worker who is out sick
  • going out of your way to help boost morale or create a positive, inclusive work environment
  • exceeding expectations for a goal or milestone in a long-term collaborative project

How the Local Programs Are Designed

Local areas have the flexibility to design meaningful "thank you's" to employees in ways that best suit their culture and the type of work that they do. These awards are administered by the unit’s Recognition key contact or by someone else who has been appointed, such as an Administrative Officer or Personnel Administrator. To find out what's happening in your department, lab, or center and who the point person is for the program, contact your key contact.

Acknowledging Someone Outside of Your Area

Employees are encouraged to recognize co-workers outside of their immediate area with whom they collaborate to accomplish their goals. One way of doing this is to send a free e-card. Alternatively, speak to your key contact to find out what is available to you in your organizational area.