Going Above and Beyond:

  • Lincoln Group Administrators' Team
    Lincoln Laboratory

    Favreau, Donna Kinch, Laura Avakian, David Briggs, Robin Steele, Heather Rogers, Lisa Vallee, Phil Clay

    Cynthia Bequette, Embedded Digital Systems
    Karen, Favreau, Air Defense Techniques
    Donna Kinch, ISR Systems
    Judith McCormack, Sensor Systems
    Heather Rogers, Advanced Sensor Techniques
    Robin Steel, RF Array Systems
    Lisa Vallee, Sensor Systems

    This team of administrative and support staff represent the five groups in Division 10 at Lincoln Laboratory. Most of their work is done within their own groups, but they come together as a collaborative team to address a plethora of business challenges. Their positive, can-do attitude results in creative outcomes that always include cost savings, efficiencies, and stockpiles of goodwill within their individual Groups, within the Sensor Systems, Division 10, and throughout Lincoln.

    An example of a recent contribution is the prototype for the SAP LIBRA User's Guide. This year Lincoln implemented SAP and, though many administrators have been involved with its successful implementation, this team not only embraced the change but actually made the experience positive. They were among the end-users of the SAP system and were given the same training everyone else received. However, they went above and beyond that training in order to get up to speed quickly to train others in their groups.

    Initially, they met weekly to help each other work with the system, redefine requirements, and identify best practices. They discussed inconsistencies and had follow-up meetings with the implementation team. They created an electronic file to collect their notes. They wrote process steps, prepared a priority checklist, developed an index of new business rules, and wrote a glossary of SAP definitions and terms. One member added screen shots and pictorial references to directions for searches. Soon the electronic notebook became a reference document and once others at Lincoln learned of it, copies were requested and passed along through an informal network. Subsequently, this document became the master for the first SAP LIBRA User's Guide, which is currently utilized by the entire Lincoln SAP user community.

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