Going Above and Beyond:

  • Steven Strang
    The Writing and Communication Center, School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

    As Director of the Writing and Communication Center , Steve has created a valuable resource by hiring and mentoring excellent writing consultants, providing a broad variety of materials, and building up a loyal following. The Center's mission is to "provide free instruction and advice about any type of writing or speaking at any state of the writing or creating process." It receives over 3,000 visits annually from MIT clients, which include students, staff, faculty, alumni, and spouses, for help on a wide range of writing projects such as academic reports and essays, technical papers, and resumes.

    Steve is lauded for his willingness to "get his hands dirty" in the day-to-day activities of the center, which, his staff is quick to point out, does not mean he micro-manages. A typical Writing Center director might not get involved on the "front lines" of consulting clients and managing appointments. Not so Steve. Whether it's a matter of policies, procedures, or the physical environment, Steve puts himself in the position of the consultants and clients and thinks about what would be in their best interests. He is cited frequently for coming into work early to help students concerned they may not graduate as a result of writer's block, or setting aside his own class preparation time to help someone who has come in without scheduling an appointment.

    His nomination included several testimonials from students who claimed they might not have graduated, or been hired to the job they have today, or gained admittance to graduate school had it not been for the help of The Writing Center. All of them credit Steve for his tireless commitment to making it the model of excellence among academic Writing Centers.

    For your outstanding dedication and achievement with the development of The Writing and Communication Center , we are pleased to award you this MIT Excellence Award.

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