Innovative Solutions

  • On-line Parking Application Team
    MIT Parking and Transportation and Information Services & Technology

    from left to right: Steve Turner, Laura Avakian, Phil Clay, Larry Brutti, Esther Yanow

    Larry Brutti, MIT Parking and Transportation Office
    Mary Ellen Bushnell, Information Services & Technology
    Stephen Turner, Information Services & Technology
    Esther Yanow, Information Services & Technology

    This team, comprised of staff from Information Services and Technology and the MIT Parking and Transportation Office, created the much improved process of applying for parking permits. They worked closely with the stakeholders in the MIT community-the parking office staff, the parking coordinators, and the parkers themselves-to design and implement a new system that would meet everyone's needs. The final product improved the process not only in time but in quality. By integrating information from the Data Warehouse, they reduced the amount of information to be entered by individuals and thereby ensured accurate data. The Parking Office estimates that the new system has created an annual savings for the Institute of over 3,000 people hours between the parking office, the data entry processors, and the individual parkers.

    Needless to say, the online parking enrollment system has received tremendous praise from members of the MIT community. We are pleased to commend you on your outstanding work and present you with this award.

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