Gayle Gallagher

Our next recipient in the category of "Serving the Client" goes to someone whose professionalism, gracious hospitality, and crisis management skills are superb. As Director of Conference Services, Events, and Information Center, Gayle Gallagher serves all of her clients, both internal and external, with composure and dignity. Whether she is working with a student group or with representatives of the White House, she never fails to exceed the client's expectations. She is respected throughout the Institute for her attention to detail and her "can-do" attitude. Her innovative and problem-solving abilities have been demonstrated on countless occasions. As an example, her orchestration of MIT's Commencement has been refined and optimized to "near perfection". One colleague commented: "Gayle never ceases to amaze me with her ability to carry off events without a hitch. This was clearly apparent as she coordinated the Premier of China's visit to MIT. She was calm and graceful, even as she had to overcome time and space constraints." Another colleague commented: "Gayle makes special events "special" for both the participants and those of us who work with her." Through her confidence and humility, she motivates all those who work with her to uphold the standards of excellence that MIT is known for, throughout the world. On behalf of the MIT community, it is our pleasure to present Gayle Gallagher the MIT EXCELLENCE Award for Serving the Client.

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