Non-Financial Awards

Non-Financial Awards

Also Known as: Appreciation Awards or On-the-Spot Awards

These awards are designed to be flexible, personalized and given in immediate response to exceptional work accomplishments by teams or individuals. Non-financial awards may take many forms including recognition dinners, luncheons, celebrations, and certificates of appreciation.

Also acceptable as a non-financial award are gifts such as t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, flowers, chocolates, movie tickets, books and magazines, sports equipment, etc. None of these awards should exceed a value of $100 per individual per year.

Schools, departments, labs and centers can also use recognition funding to help promote their program through marketing, communications, and documentation (photography and video). These expenses should be charged following Non-Financial Awards procedures.

To ensure that employees feel genuinely recognized for their work, a message of recognition for specific work-related, measurable achievements should be communicated as part of an event or in the act of presenting an award, gift or thank-you. The gift or social event alone is not enough.

While the difference between boosting morale and recognizing good performance can be, at times, a fine line, Recognition funds should not be used for activities that are of a purely social and morale-boosting nature.

For example, the following celebrations may NOT be funded by the program:

  • Birthday parties
  • Baby/wedding showers
  • Welcome receptions for new employees
  • Retirement parties
  • Farewell parties
  • Holiday parties