How to Apply to MITAAP

Enrollment in MITAAP for fall 2016 is now open. To apply, individuals must complete a statement of interest and their managers must indicate their support.


In 2016, MITAAP classes will take place on Fridays from 9 am to 11 am, beginning September 30th and concluding December 2nd. You need to be in your position as an Administrative Assistant for 1 year. See full schedule.

Steps in the Application Process

Step 1: Have a conversation with your manager about your interest in the program.

We encourage you and your manager to focus on how your participation in the program will potentially benefit you and your work area.

Step 2: Submit your statement of interest.

Your statement of interest should include your reasons for wanting to participate in the program and a description of how your participation in MITAAP could benefit you, your work, and the work of your area.

Enrollment for fall 2016 is now open. Submit your statement of interest.

Step 3: Your manager completes the Manager's Statement of Support.

Your application is considered complete once we receive both your statement of interest and your manager's statement of support. See the Statement of Support form for managers.

Need Help?

For all questions, please send an email to and a member of the MITAAP team will get back to you.