HR Spot Award

HR Spot Award

Central HR is proud of its energetic Recognition program, and especially of how well the Spot Award program has been embraced by staff in the department.

Spot Awards are given frequently to employees inside and outside of HR for exceptional work, and the unexpected ways that staff at MIT go beyond their assigned responsibilities every day. We want the program to continue to be useful to staff for all of their recognition needs, and have expanded the menu of options.

Note: There is a $100 annual limit on Spot Awards. That means that, in any given fiscal year, an individual can only receive up to $100 in Spot Award gift cards.

HR Spot Awards

  • Bright Spot Awards: $5 Starbucks gift card, chocolate bar, thank you note to be filled out.

Bright Spot Awards can be found in the Café.

  • Spot Award: $10 Tech Cash card and printed certificate of thanks.
  • Spot Award: $25 gift card to Amex, Starbucks, Amazon and printed certificate of thanks.
  • Spot Award: $50 gift card to Amex and printed certificate of thanks.

Spot Awards Best Practices

Recognition works best when it is timely, specific, and relevant. Recognition is not recognition when it is insincere, over-used, used generically (“Everyone is great!”) or delivered well after the time of achievement. To help staff and managers best determine which Bright Spot/Spot Award works best, please see some of the examples below.

Bright Spot

  • “Thank you for helping with that client. We really needed your insight at that moment.”
  • If you hadn’t been able to source those old records, we would not have been able to provide them with an answer.”
  • “Thanks for helping our newest team member to get settled and for covering their questions.”

Spot Award $10 Tech Cash

  • “Thank you for putting together a new spreadsheet with all of the information the team needs.”
  • “Thank you for providing the background budgets in time to prepare for a presentation.”
  • “Thank you for coaching our new team member on the (complicated!) system they will be using.”

Spot Award $25 Gift Card

  • “Thank you for your help last minute with the background verification process for a potential hire.”
  • “Thank you for jumping in to deliver a workshop on extremely short notice to cover for a colleague who was sick.”
  • “Thank you for helping a retiree and their spouse by spending hours on the phone with Medicare to sort out their coverage.”

Spot Award $50 Gift Card

  • “Thank you for all your work to ensure critical deadlines were met and that HR remains compliant with this policy.”
  • “Thank you for finding a creative solution to launch all of our new offerings, and still meet our deadline, when our initial plan became problematic.”
  • “Thank you for your help with the budget, planning and travel arrangements for the recent HR conference.”

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