Council on Staff Diversity and Inclusion

The Council on Staff Diversity and Inclusion is an advisory body charged with encouraging and informing efforts to utilize the diversity of MIT's staff to advance the work of departments, laboratories, and centers. The diversity of staff includes racial, cultural, demographic, cognitive, and technical characteristics.

The Council on Staff Diversity and Inclusion provides a forum for identifying sharing, and implementing effective diversity management programs and practices; encourages new programs and practices; and recognizes successful efforts. It also identifies and suggests ways to address problems and concerns related to equal employment opportunity and works to create synergy among faculty, staff, and student diversity management efforts. The Executive Vice President and the Vice President for Human Resources are the Council's executive sponsors.

Mission Statement

The Council on Staff Diversity and Inclusion will champion diversity and inclusion initiatives across the Institute. Our mission is to implement, catalyze and share efforts promoting an inclusive environment by providing knowledge, programs, and resources.

Council members, who serve as ambassadors from Departments, Labs, & Centers, will assess needs and identify issues and opportunities of inclusion Institute wide and in our local areas. We will work to ensure management commitment, leadership and support. We will work to ensure shared accountability, encourage community engagement and increase visibility of inclusive messaging.

The Council will develop strategic partnerships among the DLC's; seek opportunities for collaboration; share best practices; and build on existing synergies to promote a diverse and inclusive workplace at MIT.

Vision Statement

The Council on Staff Diversity and Inclusion aspires to play a leading role in advancing staff diversity and inclusion at MIT. We will create an inclusive workplace community that values, leverages, develops and retains the talent MIT needs.

Council Members

The Council on Staff Diversity and Inclusion email is

Council on Staff Diversity and Inclusion
Sharon Bridburg
Director of Human Resources
7- 139
Peggy Cain
Project Manager
School of Architecture and Planning
Sharon Clarke
Sr. HR Consultant
Information Systems & Technology
Peter Cummings
Senior director, Finance and HR
Division of Student Life
Nina Davis-Millis
Director of Community Support & Staff Development
Catherine Gamon
Director of MBA Student Affairs
Sloan School of Management
Kelly Imberman
Director, Human Resources Consulting
Sloan School of Management
Alyce Johnson
Manager of Staff Diversity & Inclusion
Human Resources
Barbara Johnson
Customer Support Project Manager
Information Systems & Technology
Bill Kindred
Manager, Diversity and Inclusion
Lincoln Laboratory
Diane Magnuson
Manager of Diversity and Inclusion
Sarah Mattivello
HR Administrator
Office of the President
Kristin McCoy
Dean for Undergraduate Education
Emily Neill
Project Manager
School of Humanities, Arts and Sciences
Lorraine Ng
Director of Human Resources
Resource Development
Greg Padilla
Access Service Associate
Elliott Richman
HR Manager
Human Resources
Jill Soucy
Senior Director of HR & Strategic Talent Management
Alumni Association
Bori Stoyanova
Personnel Administrator
School of Engineering
Ann Warner-Harvey
Director of Human Resources
Office of the Vice President for Finance
Heather Williams
Assistant Dean
School of Science