Job Families

Job Families

A "job family" is a group of jobs involving similar types of work and requiring similar training, skills, knowledge, and expertise. 

The job family concept helps organize related jobs and is particularly useful when job titles vary across the Institute. See a listing of job families at MIT.

Keep in Mind

  • Some job families include more jobs than others, and those with many jobs may have specialty areas. See the Job Family Example below.
  • In all cases, a job can only reside in one job family. However, jobs in a job family may not be unique to just one department, lab, or center; i.e., they may reside in the same department or in different departments across the Institute.
  • Note: Placing jobs into job families will not in any way affect the current grading of jobs or the pay of individuals.

    How Job Families are Used

    Knowledge of job families can be used by managers, staff and Human Resources to:

    • define career development opportunities for staff within a current or another job family
    • facilitate career planning discussions, clarify the need for specific training, and assist staff members considering course enrollment and career advancement
    • comply with mandated affirmative action reporting, job applicant tracking, and associated data analysis
    • obtain accurate market pricing through greater understanding of job content and job requirements
    • ensure greater consistency in job evaluations through the comparison of similar jobs within the same job family
    • In addition, the Compensation Office can use job family information to assist department managers with questions regarding internal equity and/or external competitiveness.  

    Job Family Example

    The following example references the "Financial" job family, which includes a number of specialty areas:

    The Staff Accountant, Senior Accounting Officer, and Manager, Accounting, MIT Press, are all jobs within the Accounting specialty, but each reports to a different department:

    Job Department
    Staff Accountant Controller and Accounting Services
    Senior Accounting Officer MIT Investment Management Company
    Manager, Accounting, MIT Press MIT Press

    However, all involve accounting for the Institute’s funds, including analyzing, monitoring, preparing, and reconciling financial information in their area of responsibility. Each role requires skill, knowledge, and expertise in accounting theory, principles, and practices.

    See a listing of job families at MIT.