Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are action-oriented documents that clearly and concisely state the primary duties performed, responsibilities carried out, and requirements of a particular job.

Human Resources needs to review all newly created or updated job descriptions to determine the appropriate grade or level. The Job Description Template should be used when preparing descriptions. The classification process is interactive — requiring input from Compensation, the Human Resources Officer, and the manager or the appropriate department administrative officer. Typically, a job should not be posted until it has been titled and graded through this process.

In all cases, the classification process should be completed with Human Resources before having any discussions with employees or prospective employees.

Keep in Mind

  • The job description should first note the most important duties and those that require the most time. Remember, job descriptions are not meant to be an encyclopedia of every task performed. See our tips for writing job descriptions or take our self-paced online course, Writing Effective Job Descriptions.
  • Job descriptions are used for:
    • hiring
    • evaluation and classification
    • market pricing
    • performance appraisal
    • career pathing
  • Routine review of job descriptions is necessary because the primary duties (essential functions), skills, and knowledge requirements for a job may change over time to keep pace with the dynamics of the changing work environment.