MIT’s Compensation Initiative FAQs

MIT’s Compensation Initiative FAQs

Update on the MIT Compensation Initiative

May 2017
The Compensation Initiative was initiated to develop a new job and salary structure, along with a new pay philosophy and set of pay guidelines for administrative, SRS administrative, and support staff.

Over the past year, much work has been accomplished to develop a new job structure. More than 650 job descriptions have been drafted. The Compensation Initiative Advisory Group and other HR administrators provided feedback on the job description drafts, and that feedback is now incorporated. These job descriptions are stored in a new job description catalog tool and are categorized by job family (e.g., Academic Services, Finance, Library, etc.) and job track (e.g., Support, Individual Contributor, and Management).

Currently we are working with Mercer Consulting to benchmark jobs in the job catalog to various salary surveys, which will help inform the development of a new salary structure. The draft salary structure is anticipated to be finished this fall.

Following this, the Comp team will reach out to each school/area/DLC to review the initial employee mappings to the new job and salary structure. The team will ask for input from the HR community to ensure appropriate mappings.

Look for more updates in future issues of People Matters.


What is the Compensation Initiative?

The MIT Compensation Initiative is a multi-phase, multi-year project that builds a compensation foundation and implements systems that enable MIT to effectively attract, develop, reward, and retain Administrative, SRS Administrative and Support staff.

What types of staff are included?

The project covers Administrative, SRS Administrative, and Support staff only. SRS Technical staff jobs, Faculty, and Other Academic staff will have no changes made as a result of the Comp Initiative.   

What will be the outcomes of the Comp Initiative?

  • Generic job level guides for all job families
  • New online job and position description catalog
  • Replacement for the current salary structure
  • Revised and updated Compensation philosophy
  • Revised and updated Compensation guidelines
  • New annual salary review (ASR) tool used by MIT administrators

Will employees receive raises as a result of the Comp Initiative?

No. A new salary structure will be implemented, however this work is independent from individual salary and market reviews.  

Is the work that I am doing going to change as a result of this project?


Will employee titles change?

There are two titles in SAP. One is the job title, a generic title assigned by HR and used by HR to group similar jobs. Position titles are determined by the DLC, and can be more specific or the same as the job title. Position titles appear in the MIT directory.

To create consistency, it might be necessary for some job titles to change. Central HR will not change position titles and any future changes will remain at the discretion of the DLC. If requested, Central HR will assist DLCs with aligning position titles and new job titles.

What do we mean by a Compensation philosophy?

It is the framework of MIT’s Compensation program; it offers guidance for decision-making and is based on certain principles such as establishing and implementing fair, equitable, and competitive compensation for the Institute.

Is Total Compensation being addressed during this project?

No, a new pay structure defines base pay only, which is the foundation and biggest part of Total Compensation.

Who is involved in this initiative?

The Compensation team is working with MIT senior leadership sponsors and a cross-MIT advisory group, along with other teams in central HR, IS&T, and the consulting firm Mercer.