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The MIT Personnel Policy Manual is a resource document containing personnel policy for employees in the nonacademic payroll groups, specifically the administrative, sponsored research, support and service staffs. It complements Policies and Procedures: A Guide for Faculty and Staff Members.

Throughout the manual, individuals have been referred to
generically as "employees," regardless of the staff group in
which they work. Some of the policies apply to employees who are represented
at the Institute by labor unions. In the event of a discrepancy between
the manual as it applies to these employees and the applicable labor agreement,
the latter shall govern.

A detailed table of contents is included at the beginning
of each section containing the main topics under each policy statement.
A comprehensive index is also included. The "revised"
date reflects the latest revision incorporated into the manual; this date
does not necessarily imply the original effective date of a policy.

It is expected that MIT supervisory personnel will administer
these policies in a consistent and equitable manner. The provisions of
the manual are not conditions of employment and may be modified, revoked,
or changed by the Institute, with or without notice, at any time.

Personnel questions which cannot be answered by this manual
or Policies and Procedures should be referred to the Human Resources Officer for the department. Comments or suggestions regarding this manual may
be submitted to the Human Resources Department at hr_comments@mit.edu.

While we try to ensure that this document reflects current
MIT Personnel Policy, at times there may be a lag between a change in policy and
an update of this document. You should contact your Human Resources Officer to ensure
that the policy statement contained in this document is the most current.