• View or Change Your Information

View or Change Your Information

Want to view your benefits, change your home or work address, find your paystubs or W-2s, or change other personal information? Visit the "About Me" page in Atlas or use the buttons below.

You will need an MIT certificate to access your information on Atlas, and for certain information you will also be asked to enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number as an additional security precaution.

View or Change Your Personal Information

Active MIT employees should use the Personal Information page in Atlas at any time to update their home or work address and phone, education history, ethnicity, race, gender and veteran status. Use this form for name changes only.

Retirees and former employees may use the Personal Change Notice form to update all contact information.

View or Change Your Benefits

View Your Benefits

You may change your benefit elections only during the Open Enrollment window, held in the fall each year (unless you've experienced a qualifying change in family status -- see below). You may view and print your elections anytime.

Change Your Benefits

Have you had a change in your family status? See the steps you'll need to take to modify your benefits when you have a change in family or employment status — and the timeframe for taking action:

Money Matters

Under Money Matters on the "About Me" page in Atlas, you may view your paystubs and W-2s, and view or change your tax withholding and direct deposit preferences.

Learn More about Atlas

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