MIT Sloan School of Management

MIT Sloan School of Management

February 1, 2010
Wong Auditorium, Tang Center

Two individuals and one team were presented with an award by Dean David C. Schmittlein at the spring faculty/staff meeting.

Individual Awardees
                Alice Downing
                Phyllis Green

Exec Ed Two-Day program Team Kate Anderson | Renee Benjamin | Elaina Burke | Diana Garcia-Martinez | Leila Hashimi-Malone | Tommy Long | Jennifer McLean | Julie Miskinis

Photographer: Amy MacMillan

Pictured left to right: Kate Anderson, Renee Benjamin, Elaina Burke, Diana Garcia-Martinez , Tommy Long, Jennifer McLean.

Not Pictured:  Leila Hashimi-Malone, Julie Miskinis

For more information about the event, contact MIT's Sloan School of Management R&R Key Contact, Human Resources Representative, Carolyn Mulaney, or Director of Human Resources, Lucy Lui