Infinite Mile Award Ceremonies

Infinite Mile Award Ceremonies

"I can live for two months on a good compliment." Mark Twain

Each year across the Institute, schools, labs and departments recognize teams and individuals for their significant accomplishments that help further the goals, mission and values of their department, lab or center. Each area has its own unique way of celebrating top performers and the sites below showcase their commitment to recognizing employees at MIT.  

"While I was always aware of the importance of this program, serving on the Infinite Mile Selection Committee made me realize the importance of key contributions made a by a large number of highly qualified and dedicated individuals who make MIT arguably the best in the world. MIT Professor and Director of the Plasma Fusion Center, Miklos Porkolab


The following areas have posted their 2011 Infinite Mile AWARD RECIPIENTS, click to view.


Human Resources

President/EVP and Treasurer

Provost/Vice President for Research





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