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  • Artists Behind the Desk Committee - Core Team
    Working Group on Support Staff Issues

    from left to right: Phil Clay, Debi Kedian, Judy Leonard, Laura Avakian, Anne Hudson, Mary Gallagher, Mindy Baughman

    Mindy Baughman, Department of Material Sciences & Engineering
    Mary Gallagher, Laboratory for Energy & the Environment
    Anne Hudson, Department of Chemistry
    Debra Kedian, Campus Activities Complex
    Judith Leonard, Information Services & Technology

    The MIT Artists Behind the Desk Committee (ABD for short) is one of several standing volunteer groups within the Working Group on Support Staff Issues. The membership of the committee fluctuates, and anyone ever involved in putting on an ABD event deserves applause. This award, however, is to recognize the work of the five individuals who the nominator identified as the "core team." Without the work of these individuals over the past five years, ABD might not exist and, if it did, most likely would not have the depth and breadth it does today. Committee members give their own time and energy to put on ABD events and these five core contributors collectively donate a significant number of hours on a regular basis.

    A sampling of ABD events includes: "Artists by Night/Administrators by Day"-an art exhibit at the Rotch Library during IAP, readings and musical concerts in Killian Hall, theater productions, musical events at Endicott House, and murals at Hanscom Air Force Base. Without ABD events, many at MIT would not be aware of the talents of the people with whom they work side-by-side on a daily basis. ABD provides recognition for all artists involved in their programs. In the last year over 80 artists working at MIT have had an opportunity to show their talents to the community. Event planners seek out ABD to provide performers and art for their programs. Their activities have truly become a part of the fabric of MIT that honors its diverse and multi-talented community.

    For your hours of dedication to making connections between artists and audiences in the MIT community, we honor each of you with an MIT Excellence Award.

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