Creating Connections

  • Jack Crowley
    Vice President
    Federal Relations, MIT Washington Office
    Vice President

    Jack has been MIT's face in Washington , DC for the past 14 years. As the Vice President for Federal Relations at MIT, Jack is responsible for the many interactions with the Federal Government and connections between the Institute and all Federal agencies in Washington . He is universally respected by his peers at other institutions, and by the staffers, members of Congress, agency heads and myriad other professionals who walk the halls of government.

    MIT has an extraordinary reputation for its influence on matters of policy and its impact on the entire academy. Jack has had a key role in building this reputation. He is a leading voice for the Institute in legislative as well as executive matters and his influence and leadership have set the standard in higher education for the country and the world.

    What makes Jack's work so noteworthy is the way he makes connections. All across MIT, officers and staff receive dozens of emails from him every day (and night) informing them and asking them about issues that percolate around Washington . Jack organized the Washington Representatives from leading institutions across the country into a group to confer on general issues of concern and interest to higher education in general. He has led collaborations with the American Association of Universities and the Council of Government Relations. Jack defines what it means to be an advocate, and other institutions are envious of MIT's good fortune to have him.

    For your many years of creating connections for MIT with the highest integrity and effectiveness, we gladly present you with this MIT Excellence Award.

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