Bringing Out the Best

  • Evelyn PĂ©rez
    Special Projects Director
    Office of the Provost
    Special Projects Director

    Evelyn has given over 40 years of dedicated service to MIT. Her service began in 1963 as a "secretary" in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Since then she has held many positions here, including Administrative Officer in the Urban Systems Lab, Personnel Officer, and Assistant Dean for the School of Science. Currently she is Special Projects Director for the Provost's Office. Evelyn will do anything or everything to improve administration without any expectation of reciprocity. She has served on many, many projects, teams, and committees, always with an eye toward the goal of the betterment of the Institute.

    Evelyn gives freely and generously of her time and energy, without hesitation, and often without being asked. She works tirelessly to create more efficient ways of performing work functions (as evidenced in her work on the SAP project), but perhaps one of her most important, though less visible, contributions to MIT is the time and effort she has invested over the years in coaching and mentoring. Not only does Evelyn help mentor colleagues in her area, but she reaches out to those across the Institute in other schools and areas, helping to train the future administrators of MIT. In this way she is quite literally a virtual MIT ambassador.

    For your decades of dedicated service to MIT and for your mentorship and leadership among colleagues, we are pleased to present you, Evelyn, with an MIT Excellence Award.

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