Going Above and Beyond:

  • Doreen Quinlan
    Administrative Assistant
    Systems and Analysis, Lincoln Laboratory
    Administrative Assistant

    Doreen is the Administrative Assistant for the Systems and Analysis Group at Lincoln Laboratory. Her nominators praise her highly for the extremely competent and professional way she performs her duties, many of which go beyond normal administrative responsibilities. But they place special emphasis on the extra care and humanity she brings to work each day. Some of them credit her with single-handedly improving the quality of work life in the Air Vehicle Survivability Evaluation program's J-118B facility.

    J-118B is a secured area where technical work for the Air Force is pursued. The work is high-stakes, fast-paced, and highly pressured. When Doreen came to the facility almost ten years ago, J-118B was, in many ways, an antiseptic environment, but Doreen's combination of technical excellence and warm interpersonal skills brought calm, order and a human touch. Her outgoing, friendly demeanor serves as an example to everyone who works there. Her initiatives to celebrate personal and professional events for all of the personnel in J-118B bring everyone in the facility together. In addition, she makes sure condolences are sent to sick or grieving colleagues; organizes lunches as a respite from the intensity and pressure; collects charitable donations at the holidays; and makes sure the facility is always clean, cheerful, and well-stocked. Doreen has consistently gone out of her way to create an atmosphere of respect, mutual support and concern for the individual. Everyone who enters the facility feels the impact of her efforts.

    Although these sorts of activities are not uncommon in other Groups at the Laboratory, those who know Doreen appreciate the extra care and thought she puts into these efforts.

    For the dedication and devotion you show in your job and for your colleagues, we gladly present you with this Excellence Award for Going Above and Beyond.

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