Going Above and Beyond:

  • Marie-Ange Stuppard
    Program Administrator
    Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, School of Engineering
    Program Administrator

    Marie is the Academic Program Administrator in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Marie's nominator, a former undergraduate and graduate student, stated, "When I think of great people who astound me and have made an unforgettable impact on my life, a single person that rises above all others is Marie Stuppard. With cheer, calm, and understanding, she has made a positive, lasting impression on Aero/Astro students for many years.we students all praise the existence of Marie in our department." Her nominator went on to recount a specific example of her willingness to go above and beyond, but we understand that this is just one of countless instances when she went the extra mile to help a student out of a jam.

    Her nominator tells of the time that she had planned to defer graduate school by a year and then, the day before Fall classes started, changed her mind and decided she wanted to start right away. She called Marie on the morning of Registration Day and explained that she was still in New York City, had not enrolled for the semester and had no where to live in Cambridge, but nonetheless wanted to start classes the next day. All Marie said was "Get here as soon as you can, dear." When the student arrived via bus later that afternoon, Marie had handled all the necessary paperwork and had a registration form and schedule ready for her. All the student had to do was pick her classes and turn in the form, with hours to spare. Many in Marie's position might have said, "Sorry, it's too late." But Marie's MO has always been to go out of her way to help the students in her department.

    For your dedication to MIT and particularly, the students in Aero/Astro, we honor you with this MIT Excellence Award.

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