Going Above and Beyond:

  • Israel Ruiz
    Associate Director
    Office of Budget & Financial Planning, Office of the Executive Vice President
    Associate Director

    One nominator had these thoughts to share about Israel : "The concept of cloning comes to mind when one thinks about Israel Ruiz' value to the Institute. Israel has an extraordinary degree of wonderfully undifferentiated talent. He clearly is not simply filling a job; his is a one-man talent pool. His skills are widely and perhaps overly used (hence the need for cloning) by multiple segments of the Institute."

    In his role as Associate Director for Strategic Planning and Modeling, he is called upon to meet the very important, but often immediate and sometimes conflicting demands and needs of senior officers. The process that yields the clearest presentations of complex financial and budget data is often iterative (with a capital "I") and often time-constrained (with a capital "T"). Anyone who relies on his output will attest to his effectiveness in all respects. In search of excellence, various parties at the Institute seek Israel 's talents increasingly-and he never complains, despite working extraordinarily long hours.

    A recent project has been the analysis of student health insurance rates-a task that involved highly complex data analysis, financial modeling and, most importantly, the coordination of efforts and inputs throughout a very wide array of offices and departments across campus. His clear and rapid assessment of complex problems and data sets is very impressive. Even more outstanding are his abilities to share and implement the ideas he fosters and nurtures. He clearly goes above, way above, and beyond, way beyond. As that same nominator put it, "we should all support research on the cloning of Israel 's gene pool."

    Israel , for going above and beyond in such an exemplary manner, we award you this MIT Excellence Award.

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