Going Above and Beyond:

  • Susan Hersey
    Graphic Designer
    Publications and Media Resources, Lincoln Laboratory
    Graphic Designer

    Susan is a Graphic Designer in the Publications & Media Resources Group at Lincoln Laboratory. She is a creative, highly skilled graphic artist who has taken the initiative to learn and apply technology to provide new services to the Laboratory. A contributing nominator described her work for him this way:

    "In 2000, Susan joined the Publications team that was responsible for the design and creation of the Ballistic Missile Defense Technology Division Proceedings CDs, which completed the meetings and program reviews executed under the responsibility of our Division Head. From that time until today, Susan has moved from being a contributor to the process to being the sole person responsible for preparation of the CD. This has been no small task and has resulted in the production of a quality product, now encompassing over ten Proceedings, which have been distributed to military and government sponsors and industrial colleagues. Susan has displayed a high level of creativity and professionalism, enabling us to provide the Ballistic Missile Defense community with an attractive and highly useful Proceedings.

    This is just one of numerous examples provided of Susan's outstanding contributions. She is always the first to learn, use, and teach technological innovations to colleagues in the group. Her management of the Publications Group's files server is of incomparable value. She is one of the hardest working people in a group filled with hard-working people who produce high-quality art and media products. Her unassuming manner, her patience with others, and her genial spirit make her very well liked and one of the best "teachers" of the group.

    Susan, for your dedication to Lincoln Laboratory and your readiness to go above and beyond, we present you with the MIT Excellence Award.

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