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    Human Resources

    from left to right: Laura Avakian, Barbara Peacock-Coady, Ellen Cushman, Phil Clay

    Ellen Cushman, Retirement
    Barbara Peacock-Coady, Career & Talent Management 

    The Department of Human Resources has helped countless retirees and prospective retirees work through the financial and health care issues related to the enormous life change of retirement. Once the immediate concern of income and health insurance is addressed, the question then becomes, "What am I going to do with the rest of my life?" Many in the MIT community felt a void for exploring this question and wanted to find a more holistic way of approaching retirement from both a financial and career planning perspective.

    Recognizing the need to bridge these equally important areas, Barbara and Ellen decided to work together to provide the MIT community with the tools and resources to address the financial, personal, emotional, and career-related aspects of this life transition. Their collaboration resulted in the successful development and implementation of two new courses: "Shifting Gears: Transitions for Mid-Life and Beyond" and " Managing Across Generations."

    Barbara and Ellen have helped to distinguish MIT as an employer of choice for people over 50. As a result of their efforts, the Institute has received two prestigious awards-the American Association for Retired Persons selected MIT as one of the top 25 employers for workers over 50 and Experience Works gave MIT their Prime Time Award. All of this has been accomplished outside of their regular work activities, which include counseling employees on career-related decisions and transitions, and supporting retirees.

    For your contributions to the positive work-life of MIT employees, we are pleased to honor you both with an MIT Excellence Award.

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