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  • BP Projects Academy Initiative
    MIT Sloan School of Management and School of Engineering

    from left to right: Tish Schilling, Jennifer Stine, Ann Marie LeBlanc,
    Laura Avakian, Al Essa, Maria Sterk, Marie Eiter, Phil Clay.

    Julia Bergfeld, Executive Education, Sloan School
    Marie Eiter, Executive Education, Sloan School
    Alfred Essa, Information Technology, Sloan School
    Ann Marie LeBlanc, Executive Education, Sloan School
    Tish Schilling, Executive Education, Sloan School
    Maria Sterk, Executive Education, Sloan School
    Jennifer Stine, Professional Education, School of Engineering
    Toby Woll, Executive Education, Sloan School

    This cross-functional team from MIT Sloan School of Management and the School of Engineering was created when MIT submitted a proposal to British Petroleum for the development and delivery of a project management program for BP's major project leaders. This project offered a groundbreaking opportunity for the two schools to work together to meet the customer's needs. The proposal was truly ambitious in its scope and delivery schedule. The degree of cooperation required across the two MIT schools was of great significance to the success of the project.

    The team met on a regular basis to discuss the financial model, the division of labor between the schools' faculty, and the best method to bring the faculty together for workshops, walk-throughs, and briefings. They strove to create a significant intellectual and social experience for BP's high profile participants. They created true integration of the residential and the interterm projects to achieve value for BP and prove the efficacy of the frameworks and tools taught by MIT faculty. From British Petroleum's point of view, the program exceeded their expectations.

    MIT has achieved significant benefit from this collaborative effort. The program staff has developed new standards of delivery that are being implemented in other programs. The new delivery systems have become a reproducible part of the executive education offerings. And the faculty has great confidence in the ability of the executive education staff to execute the most exacting academic and industry standards.

    For your outstanding collaboration and delivery of an exceptional new program, we are honored to award you the MIT Excellence Award.

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