Serving the Client

  • Visitor Reception Services Team
    Security Services Department, Lincoln Laboratory

    front row (left to right): Karen Allen, Thomas J. Zech, Roslyn Wesley, Dollina Borella
    back row (left to right): Lee Upton, Phil Clay, Terry Stone, Rafael Reiff

    Karen Allen, Administrative Staff
    Dollina Borella, Security Coordinator
    Roslyn Wesley, Administrative Staff
    Thomas J. Zech, Administrative Staff

    Our final award in this category goes to the Visitor Reception Service team at Lincoln Lab. Their duties are complex, and include providing administrative support and implementing industrial security policy. They manage the reception of more than 50,000 visitors annually, which means validating security clearances, preparing badges, and directing or escorting visitors personally. They advise on visitor policy; process classified, unclassified, and non-US citizen visits; and coordinate security requirements for attendees of the 30 annual conferences at Lincoln. The divisions that rely on this team do so because of the team’s ability to see problems, identify their sources, and develop solutions that provide service to visitors and relieve the client community of stress. Their accuracy in procedure and their non-traditional approaches to unique issues streamlined registration, recovered costs, and reduced wait time and confusion. They have been singled out as exceptional by visitors at the highest levels. They are professional, highly skilled, and approachable to anyone in need of guidance on security standards and practices. They are truly ambassadors for the laboratory. For Serving the Client, please congratulate Karen Allen, Dollina Borella Roslyn Wesley, and Thomas Zech.

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