Serving the Client

  • Thomas V. Stillwell
    Polisher Custodian
    Custodial Services, Facilities
    Polisher Custodian

    Not everyone gets to know the custodians who work so hard every day to keep the Institute professionally polished, but everyone in the Human Resources Department knows our next awardee. As he competently goes about his job cleaning offices each day, he takes the time to develop and nurture relationships. He once explained that he considered it impolite to go in and out of someone’s office every day without getting to know them. And so he does know them—discussing the joys of raising children with one client, and the hopes for the Red Sox with another—while always remaining respectful of others’ time.

    He is a thorough professional, ensuring that the department’s reception area, offices, and conference rooms provide a worthy environment for the Institute to conduct its daily business. But more importantly, he is, as one supporter noted, ‘the sunshine that brightens your day.’

    It is my pleasure to present Thomas Stillwell with the Serving the Client award. Congratulations.

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