Treva Sheets

Presenter: Eric Evans, Director of Lincoln Laboratory

MIT is not only an institute of higher education, it is also a community—one whose success depends upon ‘a gigantic team effort,’ as former President Chuck Vest remarked in the video. The custodian who cleans the ladies rooms in Buildings 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 11, does a job that can be very unpleasant, yet her work is outstanding. As one supporter wrote, ‘I could be there all day scrubbing and it would never look the way it does when she does it.’ She is also a cheerful presence—always wearing a smile—and she provides a ‘listening ear’ to those who need one. As her nominator noted, ‘She takes her job seriously and daily provides an effective and important service.’

For her ‘absolutely fastidious’ work keeping MIT clean, it is my pleasure to present this Unsung Hero award to Treva Sheets.