Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 MIT Excellence Awards + Collier Medal awards. Post photos and video to #mitcelebrateexcellence.

Massachusetts Green High-Performance Computing Center Team

Massachusetts Green High-Performance Computing Center Team

Arne Abramson, Andrew Bonvie, Margaret W. Brill, Christopher Hill, Michael P. Kearns, James L. Morgan, Richelle A. Nessralla, Mark V. Silis and Taeminn Song


Presenter: Eric Grimson, Chancellor


Over a period of nearly two years, the Massachusetts Green High-Performance Computer Center team provided extraordinary leadership, creativity, and hard work to launch a state-of-the-art computation facility in Western Massachusetts. Forging the historic university partnership—and executing the technical, legal, and management plans necessary to create the facility—has been termed a ‘tour de force’ initiative that is ‘without precedent in the commonwealth.’


The individuals on MIT’s team are all highly capable in their own disciplines, but they worked effectively between and across disciplines to identify a site, design an energy-efficient building, and provide the fiber connection needed to link the five universities to the facility. Team members worked relentlessly for 12 months to complete the legal, financial, and operational structure. Ground-breaking took place in October, and we have these staffers to thank.


Congratulations, Arne Abramson, Andrew Bonvie, Margaret Brill, Christopher Hill, Michael Kearns, James Morgan, Richelle Nesralla, Mark Silis, and Taeminn Song.