Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 MIT Excellence Awards + Collier Medal awards. Check out photos from the event!

Lincoln Lab Facilities Services Department Conservation Team

Lincoln Lab Facilities Services Department Conservation Team

Don Holmes, Jay Dolan, David Barnes, David A. DeMoura, Mike Fodiman, Paul Foster, Rich Gabriele, Dave Kiser , Martin J. Millerick, Jim Milligan, Richard C. Perling, Michael Rocha, Peter Santa Lucia, Dennis P. Weron, Robert Young
Presenter: Deborah Fitzgerald, Dean of the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

It is my honor to recognize the Facilities Service Department Team from Lincoln Laboratory, which has helped develop and implement a number of initiatives to reduce energy use, conserve resources, and minimize the impact of the lab’s activities on the environment. This team’s comprehensive program to ‘green’ the community included everything from teaching employees about conservation and introducing sustainable housekeeping products to developing energy efficiency standards and replacing aging vehicles with hybrids. These efforts have paid off in ways both large and small. Enhanced recycling has removed an additional ton of food containers from the refuse stream. And, upgrades at the cooling plant have saved over $200,000.

For taking a broad approach to conservation goals that went well beyond traditional Facilities Department roles, this award goes to the following team members: Don Holmes, Jay Dolan, David Barnes, Mike Fodiman, Rich Gabriele, Martin Millerick, Richard Perling, Peter Santa Lucia, Robert Young, David DeMoura, Paul Foster, Dave Kiser, Jim Milligan Michael Rocha, and Dennis Weron.

Congratulations to you all!