About the Program

The MIT Recognition Program's purpose is to ...

  • Recognize individuals and teams, in a timely and effective way, for their exceptional contributions to their office, their department or school, or to the Institute as a whole.
  • Provide a continuum of opportunities to acknowledge and recognize members of the MIT community.
  • Help MIT foster an environment of shared success and commitment.
  • Recognize that each individual can make a difference.
  • Highlight behaviors and activities that have benefited MIT and showcase employees as role models.
  • Be a fair and flexible practice that is woven into the fabric of the MIT culture.


We encourage all members of the MIT community to acknowledge the hard work and exceptional achievements of their peers, co-workers, and colleagues through quick, simple means, such as thank you notes, an appreciative email, or an announcement at a team meeting. Recognition that includes a tangible gift, celebration, or cash award funded through this program may be given to teams and individuals in the administrative, service, support, and sponsored research staff. Faculty and other academics may also be eligible where contributions fall within program criteria; the awards are not intended to recognize accomplishments in teaching or research. Subcontractors, consultants, outsourced, and temporary employees are not eligible.

Criteria for Recognition

Each area of the Institute has determined its own criteria for receiving formal and informal recognition. For examples of the types of achievements and contributions that have been awarded, go to the website of a local program and look for previous Infinite Mile and/or Appreciation Award recipients. Go to the MIT Excellence Awards pages to see categories for these awards and information on previous recipients.


Funding for the Recognition Program is budgeted and managed through central Human Resources. Each year individual areas are given a budget allocation for their Infinite Mile and Appreciation Awards. Notification of this budget is typically delivered to the Key Contacts in July. All rewards are a supplement, rather than a replacement for existing reward mechanisms and are separate and distinct from base pay.

Program Awards

MIT's Recognition Program is the 2016 recipient of Best Overall Recognition Program Award from Recognition Professional International.  In 2015, MIT's program received awards for Communications, Program Change and Flexibility, and Recognition Training from RPI.

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