3.7 Employee Development Resources

3.7 Employee Development Resources

Human Resources has responsibility at the Institute for training and organizational development programs. Consultation and training services are provided to meet the needs of diverse employee groups on both a community-wide and departmental basis. Career counseling and tuition assistance are also available for individual employees. Specific services are briefly described below:

3.7.1 Training Programs

Upon request by managers or supervisors, Human Resources may design and conduct training programs on specified topics for particular work groups. The Human Resources department can also refer outside training consultants to departments to assist them in organizing training programs specifically tailored to individual needs. Program topics may include resume writing and interviewing skills, conflict resolution strategies, team building skills, etc. Workshops may be led by Human Resources staff, staff from other MIT departments, and/or outside consultants. Human Resources also offers courses Institute-wide. See course information and registration.

3.7.2 Video Resources

The Human Resources department maintains a library of films and videos on various topics which are available to the community. Topics may include sexual harassment, team building, diversity, etc. Departments and employees can preview films to determine whether or not they are interested in utilizing them.

3.7.3 Career Counseling

Human Resources Officers and Recruiters are available by appointment to meet with individual employees concerning career planning, as well as to provide information about job opportunities and position requirements at the Institute and policies concerning job transfers, promotions, etc.

3.7.4 Tuition Assistance Plan

The Institute provides tuition assistance for eligible employees for various courses of study, including job-related courses, undergraduate or graduate studies, career development courses, and classes to help prepare employees for retirement. Learn more about Tuition Assistance.

3.7.5 Performance Consulting

Departments may seek help in enhancing their ability to achieve their business goals. Internal performance consultants from the Human Resources department provide this service through an array of products and services designed to support individual, team, and organization development. Examples include: needs assessment, group meeting facilitation, planning, team building, group problem solving.