Giving Effective Feedback: a 4-part Model

Positive Feedback

Yesterday when Professor Smith stopped by your office ... I saw you put down the budget you had been working to get done and go to our website to get some information. You then got up and walked her from your office towards the office that could help her. She stopped by later to tell me how helpful you had been. Your flexibility and willingness to go out of your way to help really model our commitment to customer service! I really appreciate that you'll continue to do this. It shows your commitment to customer service.

Corrective Feedback

At our staff meeting yesterday … Every time that Susie spoke, you turned away and started talking with Bob, or you opened your laptop and checked your email. I saw that Susie noticed this. After the 3rd or 4th time you did this, Susie stopped saying anything for the rest of the meeting. Susie knows a lot about our topic; I think we really missed out on her ideas. From now on, during staff meetings please focus your full attention on each speaker so that everyone continues to participate and we work more effectively as a team.


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