Types of Development Activities

Professional development activities for an employee to consider in addition to training courses:

  • Work on department or Institute teams or projects
  • Contact people who are in jobs, career fields, and/or organizations of interest to gather career information (learn more about MIT's volunteer informational interviewing network)
  • Connect with groups around MIT that focus on skill development—for example, MIT's Toastmasters Clubs provide mutually supportive and positive learning environments for developing communication and leadership skills
  • Increase your knowledge about communicating with others, handling meetings, and other topics by exploring Organization and Employee Development (OED) Learning Topics 
  • Create an "affinity group" by bringing together a group of MIT colleagues with similar interests to share stories and strategies
  • Create a book group by inviting colleagues to read and come together to discuss a relevant book or article
  • Lead team/department discussions about current work projects
  • Give presentations about work projects to colleagues and/or at conferences
  • Provide training to colleagues on a topic or skill that you have just learned or have mastered

Focused career planning discussions between you and your manager can help you define career options and encourage appropriate learning and development opportunities that will support next steps. Your Human Resources Officer and the Career and Talent Management Office can provide resources to help you explore career interests and options. 

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