Performance & Development Review Tool (PDR)

MIT's Performance and Development Review web-based tool is currently available for use in specific MIT areas. Check with your Human Resources Officer (HRO) to find out if your department is using this tool. Other areas should refer to the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Using Performance Review Forms

Performance review forms are tools to help you have a productive conversation with the employee. The conversation is the point of the performance review, so select a form that helps you have the most effective conversation.

Managers may select any performance review form that suits the needs of their department. However, managers must use the same form for all employees in a specific job category within a department/area.One of your first considerations should be to decide whether or not ratings scales are helpful to you in the review process and whether they really add value to your performance review process. 

We have provided some forms for you to consider. We have also included some completed sample forms so that you can see how each form would work for you.

Whichever form you choose, a good performance evaluation should:

  • Review and update the job/position description
  • Address performance and accomplishments over the past year
  • Set goals for the coming year
  • Create a professional development plan

HR guidelines on performance review forms

  1. Check with your Human Resources Officer before selecting any of these forms for use with Service Staff.
  2. Managers must retain performance review documents with the employee records. See Massachusetts law for retaining employee records.
  3. If you ask an employee to complete a self-appraisal form, be sure to include a discussion of that form in the review conversation.