Resources for PDR Leads & Admins

Resources for PDR Leads & Admins

The information on this site is for Performance Development Review process leads and administrators. You'll find timelines and email templates for Support Staff and Administrative Staff below.

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Administrative Staff Year End Planning - Posted 2/21/2017

Administrative staff forms are now in Year End status, and your areas should be actively planning and communicating your year end timelines at this point. See the timeline or the date table on this page for more details.

The 2017-18 Goal Setting Phase is now open for Support Staff! - Posted 2/21/2017

Support Staff and their managers should be setting their goals for the 2017-2018 year. Goals should be finalized by mid-April.

A change to the support staff PDR forms:

Good news! We have refined the core competencies to four competencies that will positively impact the success of all Institute employees. If applicable, additional competencies that the employee and their manager identify for their specific role can be added as part of the conversation.  The four competencies are:

1.      Contributing to a Respectful and Caring Community

2.      Exercising Integrity

3.      Collaborating and Building Relationships

4.      Developing Yourself

Timelines and Email Templates

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Resources for PDR Leads

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