Leadership at MIT

Leadership at MIT

Onboarding Consultations and One-on-One Executive Coaching

One-on-one consultation designed to strengthen your ability to build your team, navigate MIT’s culture, and create a plan that enables you to reach your leadership and organizational goals.

Leadership Development

New leader onboarding

Leadership tools

  • Situational Leadership II (The Blanchard Companies)
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Influence Strategies (The Hay Group)

Leadership assimilation

Facilitated or guided introduction to the department, team, or individual staff members on such areas as:

  • Accelerated relationship building between new leader, leadership team, and/or other key stakeholders
  • Introduction to other key departmental stakeholders

Organization Development

Strategic planning

  • Goal and priority setting
  • Vision and mission statements
  • Environmental scans
  • Workforce and action planning
  • Process improvement initiatives

Change management

  • Strategies, planning, and communication for implementing and managing change and transition
  • Evaluation of organizational structures
  • Support through change phases

Talent development

  • Recognizing, motivating, engaging, and developing staff
  • Performance development
  • Talent reviews
  • Development planning
  • Succession planning

Team development

  • Teambuilding
  • Fostering an inclusive culture
  • Team assessments and restructuring
  • Role clarification
  • Working agreements

Effective communication

  • Communication style assessments for self or team
  • Facilitated retreat or team building
  • Strategic communication plans & talking points

Retreat design and facilitation

  • Facilitating an inclusive planning process
  • Creating a process that leads to actionable outcomes
  • Facilitating retreats that set strategic direction