Leaving MIT

Leaving MIT

Whether you are an MIT employee preparing to leave the Institute, or a manager with a departing employee, this site contains the information you need to proceed.

Retiring? There's a special section of the MIT Employee Benefits site just for you.

For Employees

There are several steps to complete before leaving the Institute.

  1. Start by modifying, printing and signing a letter of resignation (available below).
  2. Complete the tasks on the Leaving MIT Employee Checklist (available below).
  3. To manage your benefits, review the steps on the MIT Employee Benefits site.
  4. If your DLC does not schedule an in-person exit interview, contact your Human Resources Officer if you would like one.

For Managers

DLC supervisors and managers should use the DLC Supervisor/Manager Checklist for Departing Employees (available below) to complete the typical tasks for departing employees. These tasks apply whether an employee is leaving due to resignation or retirement.