Selection Process

Selection Process

L2L Fellows are selected through an iterative process by a committee of senior MIT leaders (see below). After thoroughly reading all applications and references, they share their collective knowledge of the applicants to make their selection. Their broad goal is to help MIT build its internal leadership capacity.

Steps of the Selection Process

Step 1

Each member of the selection committee receives a notebook containing all application materials. Committee members then independently prioritize applications according to L2L's selection criteria (below). Sometimes committee members seek and/or receive input from others and they bring this to the selection committee meeting.

Step 2

The selection committee meets in October. Each member of the selection committee begins by sharing his or her top 10 choices for selection, articulating how each applicant’s participation in L2L will build MIT's leadership capacity. Through a series of facilitated discussions, the committee members reach consensus on the final group of L2L Fellows, taking into consideration the composition of the entire group. This includes seeking a balance of professions and roles, cross-institute representation, and diversity (broadly defined).

Selection Criteria

  • Demonstrates high leadership potential within MIT by stepping up to new challenges
  • Demonstrates MIT competencies for leaders
  • Adds diversity to the class
  • Is open to feedback, reflection, and the hard work involved in individual leadership
  • Is willing and able to undertake the extra work and time L2L requires
  • Is valued and deserves recognition and the opportunity for development
  • Advances strategic initiatives for the Institute through his/her role

Selection Committee

The committee is facilitated by the Director of Organization and Employee Development in Human Resources. Members of the committee include:

  • Chancellor
  • Executive Vice President and Treasurer
  • Provost
  • VP for Human Resources
  • Vice President