MIT Leadership Competencies

MIT Leadership Competencies

The seven competencies below represent characteristics of excellence in management and leadership at MIT. They currently provide the foundation for leadership and management development at all levels across the Institute. In the L2L 360°, your raters will be asked to rate your level of effectiveness on specific behaviors related to each competency.

Integrity and Credibility

Uses ethical considerations to guide decision making

Collaborating and Building Relationships

Works with others to achieve shared success

Communicating with Influence

Inspires others to achieve results through stable and changing times

Fostering the Potential of Others

Mobilizes others to succeed and cultivates the developmental potential of each individual

Advancing a Diverse and Inclusive Environment

Leverages the unique talents and differences of others, especially of underrepresented talent, to enhance organizational effectiveness

Strategic Orientation

Develops long-term vision, objectives and strategies

Implementing Proactively and Decisively

Initiates rather than reacts, persistently drives towards goal

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